Actually we had booked a regular hotel room and expect anything great. The location opposite the Elephant Transit Home is of course already unique. Dannwird be guided by the older somewhat dark restaurant area. Behind it then a lichturchfluteter area with fantastic pool and a new building for the hotel room doing on. Everything is brand new, even the pool towels make the impression that they have never been washed. The hotel rooms are large and very tastefully decorated. There's even a fridge. In the evening you can sit on the balcony with a cold drink and watch the light organ in the pool. It takes great care that everything is always clean. When it rained, the sheets are immediately fished out of the pool. The restaurant served very accommodating. Breakfast is good and also the dinner was delicious. You can pre-order at a time, and everything is made fresh on the spot ready. The price of the product is moderate, manbekommt much for your money. Some little things are yet criticizing. In the new hotel area unfortunately the internet is not working. It would do the house well, rectify the. A small desk and chair in the room has determined place and a standard local stand for clothes should be provided. Maybe a mosquito net and a little shampoo and bath gel would very beautiful product even round. If the manager reads this, he acts immediately, I'm sure. Flexibility and attention I have seldom experienced greater.

--- Bernd_Koss, Berlin ---